Glifi sideboard - 2018 - Product design

Unlike typical sideboards with flat display surfaces, the Glifi sideboard exposes its skeleton to the exterior and shows a free flat smooth surface to the interior, thus transforming it into an adaptable furniture with the possibility of letting users create the interior space and pick which components to reveal and which to remove. The Glifi skeleton is made of two materials: wire brushed white solid cedar wood and gun-metal. Two solid cedar wood rings are combined to wood curved panels with gun-metal dowels holding them together and producing a strong resilient one structure floating on thin vertical gun-metal elements. The central front panel can pull up and hangs on the shelf if needed to reveal a serving table extension. The brushed wood has two different straight patterns: fine for the skeleton and large for the components. The wood finish reveals the natural straight grain texture of the cedar wood inviting you to touch it and enjoying its aroma, thus bringing life to the entire piece, creating a three-dimensional appearance and a sensational experience. The gunmetal finish adds accent to the wood and keeps it from sitting on the floor.