The Nest house - Architecture - 2019 - Mount Lebanon

“Look at the birds of the air; … Therefore do not worry…” and live like a bird. This is a small retreat house planned in any landscape surrounded by rich nature. The site can be located in the mountains or at the seaside. It offers spaces similar to the forest’s comfortable sunshine and shade, transforming the house into a nest in the nature. The nest house is convenient for temporary or everyday lifestyle. The inviting new living space can be used for working, living, and relaxing, it can be linked horizontally using passages. The house features an interior including a modular system bathroom, spacious kitchen and lounge area as well as a home and office environment. The Nest is a two story simple box-shaped house on a concrete foundation to give views through the nature, with a straight staircase for access. Facing the nature, the front of this box is opened with a series of sliding doors, with perforated wood panels sheltering the bedrooms, living and dining area from the wind. The second floor accommodates an open-plan living room that opens onto an outdoor floating balcony space, and opens up onto a terrace sheltered beneath metal pergolas incorporating timber louvres. A top skylight draws light down into the living spaces. Two bedrooms and an entrance are arranged in the home's first floor, where full-height glazing frame views of the neighboring nature. The bedrooms lead out onto a private timber bridge connecting the house directly to the surrounding natural landscape. The combination of the open roof and tower produces a new house typology that is used with degrees of variation according to the site typology. The structure of the house is made from concrete. Wood or steel are structural options for distant areas inaccessible by trucks and other heavy equipment. Materials used for the house’s exterior finish can include: metal zinc, wood, aluminum flat and or corrugated panels, strips and many other options. It is "a non-mass-produced house made with mass-produced components". Each house unit has the possibility to be executed as an individual installation piece on which additional features could be elaborated. Environmental materials are envisioned for ecological and sustainable houses.