Private residence - Architecture - 2019 - Qleiat

The house sits on a steep plot overlooking a panoramic view of the mountains with staggered concrete and stone blocks framing the spaces and catching the best views. The mountain residence comprises nine blocks of varying heights, each accommodating a different function. These are strategically located for the best views and relationships to one another. Offset blocks follow the contours of the terrain slope stepping down the hill to engage the site and make the house look less massive and integrated into the landscape. Its spaces have a tectonic configuration, sticking to each other like rock crystallisation.The blocks are positioned to maximize natural light on the site, with their irregular positions creating a series of setbacks and protrusions. Large terraces surrounded by latticed concrete frames at the living and master bedroom floors provide spaces for the users to enjoy the views outside, shielding the terraces from the summer direct sunlight and casting patterns of light and shade across these outdoor spaces. Large doors leading to these terraces allow the breeze to flow through the house. The lowest-lying block is organized around its main entrance, where a concrete frame extending from the doorway perches on thick blocks of quartzite above the entrance, creating a sheltered entrance from snowfall during the winter period. Natural stone exterior helps the home blend with the natural surroundings. The lower ground floor encompasses an open-plan kitchen and dining area, which flow into a living room and adjoining terrace. A multi-purpose room overlooks a slender lap pool lined with grey stone tiles. A garage access at the lower street level lets the owners drive up into the house. While external stairs lead from the upper to the lower street level.