Private residence - Faqra - 2012 - Architecture

Oriented in relation to the sloping terrain and views of the mountain ranges, the house is conceived as two volumes sitting on a stone base, overlooking the sloped village and giving the effect of a leaning house. Two slanted boxes, two vacation houses for two brothers, the volumes are framed with weathering steel, and wrapped in screens made of wood. The project creates striking appearance on the landscape and unique spatial experiences for its inhabitants, while also containing comfortable, livable domestic spaces. The west side of the volumes are cantilevered to form a brise-soleil for shading and wind protection with sloping glass walls, at the short ends to maximize views of the surrounding valley and mountains. Circulation, suspended terraces and gardens sit in the open west volume, and internal private space sit in the closed volume. The east volume supports the access bridge and the screened porch that lodge the main entrance and the cars parking. Hard and rough materials, including weathering steel and wood, run continuously in from the exterior and blend in with the mountain scenery.