Beach resort - Architecture - 2015 - North Lebanon

The beach resort is a continuous complete object in nature, with a shape in plan that creates a homogeneous relationship with the surroundings, and in rhyme with the North of Lebanon coastline. Bending outward toward the North Lebanon sea, the resort’s plan comprises one pair of curved bars, a curving single-storey residential and hotel facilities that is sheltered beneath a curved hotel rooms benefiting from panoramic views of the sea. The concept aims to integrate the resort’s structures into its surroundings by leveraging “organic forms that refer to the movement of the waves”. Concrete promenade runs alongside the sandy beach and is cut in the middle by a wooden jetty that leads into the spiral marina. The circulation sits along its rear wooden skin, through which east light can filter in, at the eastern side of the plan, while the glazed front at the western side of the plan provides far more exposure for the hotel and residential units.