Merit HQ. office building - Beirut central district - 2006 - Architecture


Black glazed skin wraps the building thus reflecting the surrounding harbor and turning white when wrapping inside. Inwardly and outwardly glazed skin distort the perception of the city and the sky, reflecting the changing tones and colours of the city’s sky. Like the surface of the water in the surrounding port, the glazed black facade reflects changing light conditions. Its black opaque glazed shell, which is elevated on the ground floor level, conceals unexpectedly bright and spacious lobbies that include open staircases. The open platform at ground floor level supports the larger upper stories that cantilevers around the building over a reflecting pool. Reflective white glass fixed to the underside of the cantilevered level intensifies the effect of natural light reflecting from the water's surface. A clear glass upper stories offer panoramic views over the surrounding harbor.