Blom bank HQ. building - Beirut Verdun - 1998 - Architecture

A glass skybridge suspended 22 meters above an open piazza connects Blom bank H.Q to the new addition building. The seven storey building blocks are located in Beirut Verdun and occupy a triangular slice of land on the corner of two streets, the elevation of the buildings take the shape of the triangle urban layout of the parcel. Maintaining the consistency and integrity of the H.Q building, the addition represents a natural extension, but detached to avoid distorting the original structure. The design of the buildings responds to the surrounding development by creating outdoor interstitial semi-public piazza covered by a suspended glazed canopy. A wide esplanade cuts through the buildings, connecting the lower with the upper street and allowing a flowing transition through the plot, offering the property an outdoor space for use by everyone. Two distinct interior atriums and the main staircases and elevators form a series of spaces serving as a basis for the ambiance of the interior, the functional zones as well as the architecture of the façade. The architectural concept of the facade directly reflects the functional solutions of the interior, a full-height glass curtain wall ensures plenty of natural light that pours into the ground-floor space and the office circulation space on the upper storeys. Matt, dark stone cladding fenestration grid provides a striking contrast with the fully glazed areas. Angular staircases and panoramic elevators wind their way upwards, connecting each storey and leading to the administration floor positioned at the uppermost level. Open workspaces are available on each floor where people can choose enclosed offices, open-plan workstations or even a workspace located within the open atrium. The aim of the building is to create a more productive, healthy and comfortable working environment. The building has a dynamic working atmosphere, the sequence of spaces and the daylight, allow the employees to work and collaborate within a higher quality environment.