French Avenue Office building - Architecture - 2018 - Beirut Downtown

Amidst a cluster of relatively low rise buildings of contemporary and traditional design, French Avenue building, integrated into the site, creates a feeling of openness and transparency. The building is located in Downtown Beirut near the Souks, it comprises a single retail and reception level above ground, four basements below, and six office floors above providing a total floor area of 12000 square metres. The Facade consists of glass walls with operable windows and red pigmented zinc spandrels, All offices have an ample supply of daylight and pleasant links to the outdoors. The building core and circulation facilities are located in the center of the building, additional single-flights stairs help to promote internal communication between floors. The building appearance is defined by openness and transparency A seven-storey linear atrium lit above with a linear skylight, with alternated green walls catching the outdoor city views. Inside this transparent spine, stairs of exposed steel and white silk printed glass connect all the floors together and encourage interaction between office staff and the city. Staff can gather on walkways and landings within the atrium, enhancing not only the functional circulation but also creating a connected spatial experience between the exterior and interior areas. The interior material mix includes white corrugated aluminum panels, maple wood doors, polished grey ceramic flooring and planted flowerbeds. Profiled glass walls partitions separate the functional spaces from the communication areas and create connections and transparency.